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Absolutely delicio‚Äčus and compliant too!  Click the recipe button to find more delicious snacks

Preparing Ourselves for Fall Weather

Remember vital tips this season to stay safe 

Your health is the most important step in your care continuum.  Stay in touch with your doctors and compliant with your meal plans.

When facing those craving be sure to stay stocked with healthier options, check out the recipes to get ideas.

There are so many ways to keep your body in motion

in the home- start out watching your favorite music video- the one that makes you shake your head and snap those fingers

at a nearby park- bring the weights, your water, a towel and take as long as you need to get that heart pumping

in the gym- I already applaude anyone with this discipline-- Keep it up!

Our Mission and Values

We aim to become a stable, reliable, and accessible source of quality information concerning diabetes and weight management. We are all for promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyles for people in communities all over Georgia.

To treat everyone with respect, understanding and compassion.  Recognizing each individual as a team member in the effort to eradicate diabetes and address weight management through a whole healthcare continuum. 

Explore Healthy Options